In testing the waters with bitcoinjs-lib in Expo to build a seamless UI for blockchain transactions on the Bitcoin mainnet we needed to include node modules in our RN environment.

There are multiple solution to the problem such as browserify and nodeify. However the one that helped us get started quickly was node-libs-expo.

The process is easy.

yarn add node-libs-expo && expo install expo-crypto expo-random

Then create a metro.config.js file in the root of your project and add the following code ….

// metro.config.js
module.exports = {
resolver: {
extraNodeModules: require('node-libs-expo'),

To load globals for Buffer and process…

When pitching for success the key question to ask yourself is “what problem are we solving?”. Not only do the problems define the context of any solution, the problems we are trying to solve also reflect the purpose of our endeavours; there are problems we find because we seek to make money and there are problems we decide to face to make meaning.

Problem #1: Access to capital

It has become increasingly hard for a younger generation to find access to capital to buy property as mortgage policies across all major banks are stiffening and tightening. The issue has been covered by Dutch media in…

.. said the sweater I bought for my 4 year-old son without even noticing the value of that statement. A year fast-forward and I’m here, writing our first small post to kickstart public relations and great things to come.

First and foremost, welcome to the WYCKX. Resisting the temptation to dive straight into the specifics of our business, I decided to start our medium account with a story that is our mantra. The why behind what we do, why we take the risks and why we are about to launch the WYCKX.

Robert Wright — applauded author, historian and visionary…


Redefining ownership in real-estate. Blockchain powered community-driven platform to finance and build property for a new generation of urban residents.

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